Brother Keith's goal in Thailand is to use his God-given talents to reach children of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brother Keith is a Christian brother who comes from the USA. He is an Afro-American missionary on the field of Thailand who works with children of all ages.

Keith has many gifts and talents from the Lord with children of all ages ever since we have first known him. He has a burden to reach all young people and children with Jesus’ message of salvation.

He also has the ‘gift of helps’ and diligence. His goal in Thailand has been to reach children through educating them in English, something which is in high demand in Thailand and many countries.

Keith oversees the publication of a vast amount of bilingual materials for children in the rural heartlands of Thailand and personally visits many schools primary and high schools on a regular basis.

keith thailand children

In this way he is able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and influence the next generation of rural Thailand young people.

Having been in Thailand many years, he speaks Thai and his cheerful spirit is an inspiration to many in Thailand in these troublesome times for their country.

AMMC would like to be able to sponsor Keith more in this fruitful ministry.

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