Brian and Christina have organized a network of translators to translate Christian materials from English into Chinese for distribution among Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong believers and new converts.

Brian and Christina are a married couple, they have been married for about 35 years. They have several children. Brian is from UK and Christina from the Far East.

brian christina taiwan

Their translating ministry has been going on for over 30 years. Undoubtedly the fruit of their work will never be fully seen nor understood in this life, but for those Chinese Christians who have read the messages and Christian materials over many years to help ground their faith, indeed their work is immensely valuable to the Lord. This takes a great deal of faith to work and operate in this way.

christina taiwan

They have never wavered from the call God gave them many years ago often at great sacrifice and personal difficulty and austerity. They are still continuing this work today based in Taiwan and have many friends there also who they are reaching with the gospel. Brian conducts regular Bible studies among Taiwanese Christians and new believers also. Christina has many contacts and friends who reach out to her as a spiritual mother in their spiritual need.

christina ann taiwan

AMMC is proud to be able to help them to some level, and we appreciate your prayers and gifts for them as they move forward. No retirement in God’s service!

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