Sister Astrid leads a team of 5 in Huaraz a city at the foot of Huascaran Mountain in Peru. They range in age from 21 to 55 years old. Two are Peruvians and three are German.

We have been here about 6 years and plan to dig our heels in for the long term. Our yearly operating expenses are between US$10,000 to US$20,000.

Most of our work here has been in the mountain communities-specifically the chacras above Recuay and 3 communities at Anticocha. As well as helping with clothing and school supplies we also hold seminars on childcare and health. Here in the mountains many women receive only up to a third grade education so simple things to us are new information to them. Generally the rule of thumb here is ¨if it looks clean it must be clean¨ yikes. We have gone with teams of doctors nurses and dentists to help. It’s been tough but worth it. Often the places we go to are only accessible by foot or donkey and the older people at times resent outsiders telling them things- example- that their kids teeth need to be kept clean. They claim cavities and loss of teeth is only hereditary. So as much as possible we recruit our fiends especially those who are professionals to accompany us. It also helps that two of our members are studying- one to be a teacher and the other a professional chef. Along with some of their classmates they have been helping people with schooling and health , cleanliness and nutrition seminars.

Our projects are also a great way to minister to our friends .As we encourage them to participate they also come for Bible classes.

Our inter city work is mostly with street children and kids from poor families. We team up with our friend Jim, whom you have seen in some of our photos. We work regularly with 84 kids at 3 locations, Rio Seco, Shancayan and Sextapampa where Jim has set up small one room schools where the kids come for help with homework, English classes and character building activities.

Our goal so far is- to register as an official NGO to regularly be able to meet with and help a group of AIDs patients here. Here in Peru they are ostracized. Being predominately Catholic even the kids and teens are shunned. The disease is generally considered a punishment for sins. For this we will need funding as some are no longer able to care for themselves. We help with what we can but it's not a lot.

We are working to upgrade the school situation. We are in the process of painting repairs etc. but still need chairs tables and better teaching materials.

God bless you!

Love Astrid

From AMMC:

It should also be known that Sister Astrid is now a single mother with four teenagers and she also has cancer. However she has chosen to continue to minister among the mountain peoples of northern Peru according to God’s call for her life.

She is a tremendously enthusiastic woman and has a lot of faith. However some days her health is not good and we ask you to pray for her. AMMC is proud to try and sponsor her to some degree (according to the gifts we receive.) Prayer however is free. And gifts will definitely help her ministry.