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Sister Elisabeth comes from a fiery Central American background and has been involved in China for well over a decade.

Despite occasional ill health she is an absolute fire brand. She works alongside a few select Chinese and foreign missionaries.

Sister Elizabeth AMMC Missionary

Their ministry involves working with children and villagers in both the rural north and south west of China. Each summer she runs summer camps and teaches children many things about the Lord in events lasting several days in the villages. Other missionaries join her for this, notably sister Emma a Chinese national and notable soul-winner.

Elisabeth also has a lot of fruit from her personal outreach among university students and secondary school students, teachers and others. At the moment she seems to be able to operate quite safely in China, so we appreciate your prayers this will continue with the Lord’s blessing and security.

She also networks with others who work in villages in the remote mountain areas, supplying one village with a school library of educational books and also running water. This ministry is a regular event and many people have been won to the Lord as a result. 

Sister Elisabeth’s ministry has for many years focused on children in the poorer rural and mountain areas of China’s southwest. By combining with her good friend a very precious Chinese national missionary ‘sister M’ (pictured in some of the photos) they have been able to combine forces and develop a ministry in sister M’s rural hometown in China’s northwest!

In China’s vast hinterland millions of people have received the Lord in the last 30 years. In sister M’s small village there are dozens of Christians already. Praise the Lord. So much so that it has become relatively safe to teach local children to pray together and here we can see them ‘practicing’ to pray and listen to the Lord in a controlled setting.

Isa_38:19 The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth.

Psa_115:14 The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

Psa_78:6 That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children.

AMMC China Children Ministry

Summer Camp

  • This year we had more kids than last year, they were 50 in a total, the local school’s principal agreed to help us and it was held at the school’s premises. It is an old building, but we had the blessing to have an old computer and a big TV so we had a chance to show video clips to illustrate the lessons we wanted to share with them. Normally we are not allowed to so openly talk about God or Jesus in Chinese schools but the principal was very nice and gave us free rein to share the message!
  • We also talked about being thankful, polite, loving, control our temper, show appreciation to others, lessons on not giving up, work in unity, forgiveness and about God’s great love for each one of them, of how special each one are to Him. We used clips, songs, activities and games to illustrate these principles. (Well, some of the games were just for fun, which we all needed and enjoyed).
  • The teachers who volunteered told us that they learned a lot seeing us treating the kids as individual, like each one was special (well, because they are!). The kids loved the spirit of the Lord and the spirit of camaraderie which permeated the place and the activities. They said that they had a great time! We pray all these events and the teaching we were able to do will live in their hearts and minds forever. We give God the thanks!

childrens camp china

AMMC directly supports the valuable mission work of Sister Elisabeth. Anyone wishing to help her directly and to help fund her activities and mission as well as any other of the four Chinese mission teams please contact us about how to donate

Library Project

There were two things that inspired me to work the “Library Project” for children living in remote areas. One, was being stirred up by some friends that had had the chance to participate in building libraries in Nepal and India and when they brought the idea to China, they found like-minded people that already had put together a very long list of excellent and motivating books for children, from kindergarten to junior-high students. Then I had a chance to see a short documentary on YouTube called “A Small Act”. This is an amazing story of one Swedish lady who helped an African child for many years by sending a small donation to help him in his studies. He in turn, ended up graduating in law from Harvard University. He then went back to Africa to help other children and is doing a wonderful job with them even now.

library chinaOnce, when I visited one of the minority group schools one of the teachers told me that she felt very sad because the children do not have much hope of having their lives change for the better. I felt that maybe if we could bring nice, colorful and new books for them and motivate them to read them and if we could also prepare a nice activities and tell them that they are special for God and that He loves them a lot, they would feel more inspired to study and look forward to a brighter future. To do that, I needed the help of native Chinese speakers that could not only encourage them but could also offer a model for the kids to follow.

The first step was to pray, of course, and then invite friends that could come along with us. It had to be a week day when the kids would be at school and the Lord just did it. I invited a friend but she had to work and could not come but she mentioned it to a cousin of hers who is a university student and he and five of his class mates wanted to come. Then another friend who is a businessman jumped in to this opportunity of doing something for others, and also a physics teacher, who is a very dear friend, also came along. There were about 400 students divided in five groups, so we arranged two teams of 3 students in each, the businessman, the teacher and Laurence, his wife and I (another team) being the “educators” for the five groups in a 2 hour program where we rotated in slots of 20-25 minutes for each group so all the students had a chance to hear us all and get the input of what each team had to offer.

The school’s director and teachers provided us with a nice lunch at a local restaurant where we enjoyed a very delicious beef and vegetable hot-pot; the next step was to unload the donated books and clothes. The school staff were pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety of books we brought since they had expected some old books which people normally give, also there was a variety of good second hand clothes which was appreciate as well.

china school activityWe had a great time with the students because they were eager to learn and also very appreciative of our presence, which made the whole thing a pleasure and joy. My foreign friends and I taught some English, sang some songs and told the kids that each one is very special to God and He loves them very much and I prayed with all of the children a simple prayers in Chinese to invite Jesus to come into their hearts; the students, businessman and teacher told some stories, talked about science etc. trying to encourage them all to go to the small library and read the books even it was extra curricular.

We also did not miss the chance to have some exercise by climbing up and down the hill which took us to the Miao Zu village. The scenery was exhilarating, pure air to breathe and a nice walk in the village looking at the progress of the different projects other friends have begun there. I am very thankful to the Lord Jesus who was the One behind the scene organizing and touching people’s heart to give.

school girls meditating

I am also thankful for the many people who called me offering items to take to the kids there. It is always so refreshing and encouraging to see samples of good Samaritans who are willing to give and to help. I am also thankful for the volunteers that missed classes or work so some children could have a chance to have a nice and different day. My prayers are that they will know that God loved them that day through each person who participated in this project.  

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