John and Sara are conducting an outreach ministry in the Amazon basin. They are based in the city of Belen.


John and Sara are a couple who have been married many years. They have always been on a mission field, usually in Brazil. They have eight children; only one (15) remains at home with them now, the rest live nearby or in other parts of Brazil. John comes from an aristocratic family in Europe and his wife is a Philippine lady.

John and Sara are outstanding soul winners and organise their converts into regular Bible studies.

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Having known and worked with them personally for two years and seen their example of prayer and faith and trusting God in very difficult situations, I can only humbly recommend them to you as people who can use your investment of prayer and financial support to expand their ministry right across northern Brazil, which is their vision.

Their older children (now in their late teens and early twenties) also continue to keep their faith and to help their parents to some extent in their outreach as time allows them.

John and Sara seem to have faith for every type of people and that they will find the Lord. God honours their faith often!!

The following newsletter shares more details about their missionary work in Brazil.

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