Greetings everyone and many thanks for your prayers and kindness and support of the AMMC and CHINA MISSIONS
for so many years.
We will close out this year’s mission news with news from our Ecuadorian friends Pastor Gonzalo and his Yorkshire
wife Jenny. Serving the Lord in Ecuador. I attach  many photos over 50 years, to celebrate Gonzalo’s birthday and also his 50 years of active service to Jesus Christ in many mission fields around the world, and especially in his home nation of ECUADOR! Do have a look and he is still out many days witnessing at the age of 75. God bless them both. However here are their latest news and important prayer requests.
Please uphold them in prayer and these people they are mentioning and also please give during December and beyond, to the banking below to help them.
Thank you.


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Intro from Jerry.
This month we continue with more news from Sara and John who have been serving the Lord in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. Their lifetime dedication is an inspiration to us all!


British Underground Church has started!

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Dearest Loved Ones,

This is a special edition. Perhaps you have read parts of it before, but this is a fuller and more complete and final version.

  • ·We  at the AMMC are pleased to announce that 'The British Underground Church'  (BUC) has now launched in the UK! Praise the Lord.

All the major details are in the file that is here for you to download.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any comments or participation you may wish to have in this exciting new Movement! If you are not in the UK, you should still be able to find the information here inspiring, and most  of it applicable to wherever you are in the world!





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"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of man" The story of a modern say disciple.


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Intro from Jerry.

Praise the Lord. This month we continue with more news from Brian and Christina,who have been serving the Lord all over the greater China areas and countries forover 4 decades.
Here they continue their 9 yearlong sojourn in Taiwan and this edition focuses on them and other Christians winning a lot of young people to Jesus on that lovey island.