February 2017 News from the AMMC Ecuador

Reaching Catholics in South America for Jesus!

From Jerry:

This month's news is quite interesting and contains more testimonies and reports from Ecuador from our intrepid missionary couple team of Gonzalo and his Yorkshire wife, Jennifer. We have known them for over 35 years ourselves and they are still serving the Lord in Ecuador after other service in Europe and China for some time.

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January 2017 News from China

Sister Elisabeth--A Year in Review and Latest News!

From Jerry:

I know some of you are very inspired about Elisabeth’s ministry in China. I wish we could actually devote more time to this remarkable woman who truly is following in the great female missionary footsteps of Lottie Moon, and Gladys Aylward of the 20th century in China. Be prepared to be shocked and delighted with this newsletter and by all means please pray and give generously to help her.

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Message and Warnings about 2017

Dearest Friend,

A very happy Christmas to you!

We are praying for you on a regular basis. God is love and He loves you. In a break with our tradition we are posting several articles for your interest this Christmas, of which this file is really the main message. We hope you enjoy the following:

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Special Edition November 2016

Our Prison Ministry in the Philippines (2003-2004) With Lessons for 2016!

From Jerry

Dear Christian friends and helpers,

This is our second-only newsletter about prison ministry. We did one about two years ago covering lovely Inge and her work in Paraguay.

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October 2016 News from China

Miracles of Healing and Other Lessons!

Greetings everyone. Welcome to this exciting newsletter from China. We are featuring Mike and Polly again and their ministry.

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News from Thailand June 2016

From the Other Part of the World!

We hope you enjoy this inspiring newsletter from Keith in Thailand. His work with the children in his part of the world is having an impact that will last for eternity!

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Winning Souls After the Ecuador Earthquake

June 2016

Most of you know that Ecuador suffered a powerful earthquake in April of this year. Our irrepressible AMMC missionary couple, Gonzalo and Jenny, went to visit the towns and inhabitants affected as a follow up and took with them a small team of FRIENDS armed with the love of God and Christian tracts etc. the results have all been positive.

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