meet our missionaries

Meet Our Missionary Teams

The Association of Missionary-Minded Christians (AMMC) helps to sponsor long term missionaries bringing the Gospel in difficult and dangerous fields. These are full time dedicated long haul missionaries and their families also in many cases. Together they win tens of thousands of people to Jesus Christ each year.

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Training and Seminars

Serious persecution of Christians in Europe and North America is now almost inevitable. Are you preparing for this day and those times? Would you know how to react when direct persecution comes to you as an individual and your family or church? Our one day workshop/seminar is designed to help you or your church or network prepare practically, spiritually and mentally and even materially for such an event.

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Our China History

We wanted to share with you some news of our first 3 years in China! Wow! That seems like a very long time ago now. But it was this time that gave us the faith in God to believe for even more from Him in such a wonderful country. All the news here is excerpted from parts of my book called Shake off the Dust.

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