Excerpted from part three of the explosive new book:

‘White British Christians’ due for release in 2018 by Jerry Finch.

Point ‘22’ of part two of this book.

22. Are some Christian ‘Worship’ songs harmful?

This is strange to find that ‘Christian worship’ is actually part of the negative ‘world’ that Christians are required to overcome.

Years ago, I attended an African assembly in London. I was already well used to the way they ‘worship’ God. As an honoured guest I was taken near the front and sat with my guide for the evening service. The music was lively and vibrant and went on for a long time. I tried my best as a rhythmically deaf white person to get the feel of the rhythm and enjoy the message of the songs. Near me in the front by the aisle was a middle aged black lady. After some songs she came out into the aisle and prostrated herself on the floor occasionally sitting up with her hands raised and tears coming down her face. She was trying I feel to express her love for God and praise him or ‘worship’ him. She was not unique, in fact I have seen a few other people do the same or similar in various Afro-Caribbean congregations in the UK and elsewhere.

I felt a real sense of admiration for her and also some sense that my own type of pride or personality would not permit me to rise to that level of liberation and become unhindered by the thoughts of my mind, nor the opinions of others around me and the devil. It was a beautiful experience I have never forgotten.

Conversely, and the point of this section, is I have attended probably scores of White British ‘worship’ sessions. They all have these similar shades of conformity: they all sing songs about the personal love of God for them as an individual. They all sing songs about the Lamb and the Cross. (nothing wrong there). They all sing songs about God is the ‘Sovereign Lord’ and is Holy and knows what He is doing. They all sing songs about everything is going to be ok with them and they are loved and comforted by the Holy Spirit and God. And….well that is about it I honestly and humbly suggest.

There are no or very few songs about: responsibility to God or being a disciple taking up a cross daily. There are almost no songs about sacrifice and the duties of a Christian soldier. There are no songs about war and fighting the devil and the world of today.

There are very few songs that tend to give the eternal vision of God’s power across generations, conquering all enemies before him. There are no songs about winning the entire world for Jesus Christ and our job to go into it. The songs I have heard seem to lay all the job directly at God’s feet.

There are almost no songs about commitment and growth and desperation to know Almighty God. There are almost no songs about deep confession and repentance. There are very few songs based on scripture or just pure scripture, so that the actual Word of God itself is never put into music.

These are my observations over many years.

Yet you will find many churches in the UK absolutely thrilled and satisfied with their worship. With their one hand waving in the air, if they are brave or very dedicated.

Yet these types of songs I mention that are not there today, USED TO BE THERE. And they used to be there for centuries. They were certainly there during the missionary endeavours of part one of this book, but I am sure they in large part are not there today.

This cumulative effect of the lack of this message through music definitely has an effect and will be very detrimental. Our young people grow up without that knowledge of dedication, sacrifice, struggle and the requirements of our way of life. It’s wonderful to know God loves us and feel comforted and encouraged after a long week serving mammon in the UK, but the best way to know God and His Love I have found, is to know him in the storm, through the struggle and in the impossible situation where he came through and did the miracle at the eleventh hour, and if you read the book of Psalms which is really our handbook for worship, you will find the vast majority of that book is that type of song! Praise the Lord.

I wish to ask all songwriters and all ‘worship’ people everywhere to ask God for a better balance as a false balance truly is an abomination to the Lord. Start using either the old proven songs of blood and tears and victory or write your own. And you won’t be able to write your own unless you have done it or gone through it yourself and perhaps that’s why there are so few today. There is a famine in the land, for hearing the word of the Lord and the right balance of Christian worship songs.

So in my opinion Christian worship itself to some degree is harming the Christian in this land. Other lands do a lot better because they are not stupid enough to think they have arrived and are not so smug and self-satisfied with their ‘lovely’ songs.

I have found it immensely difficult to sit through songs in church in the UK and have regularly stepped out for a while, just so as I could get my mind on the Lord!

I pray these words will bear fruit and there will also be a new generation of songs leading us to God and His Love and our position and standing in Him.

Copyright Jerry Finch November 2017